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Summer Fun

Luke’s First Soccer Game

Luke's First Soccer Game (5)

Mel and Luke relax at the soccer game!

Luke's First Soccer Game (4)

Go Amina GO!!!!!

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Holy crap! Summer is rapidly coming to a close and I am even further away from keeping this blog up to date than I thought I’d be. So, I thought that I would finally get around to it. We have had a rockin’ summer – as of this moment Luke is seven months old – he army crawls, he spits up all over the place, he chews on everything and generally enjoys free reign of the house. He loves his dog Taffy who tolerates him (though she’s oddly reluctant to move away from him when he so often pulls her hair.)

This summer Brenda and I spent some quality time in Idaho Falls (on an IRS errand), some time up at Island Park near Yellowstone (for girls camp), and are currently visiting Michigan to see Cheryl and Jason.

Today’s pictures come from Luke’s first ever soccer game at the Weber County Fairgrounds. Despite his facial expression, he really did have a pretty good time. We watched Amina’s team take on some losers (who unfortunately won the game.) We cheered them on anyway and bad mouthed their wiley tactics post-game. Grrr….

We’re also looking forward to seeing the Clone Wars soon since it comes out Friday (and I have to take Luke to see Star Wars on the big screen despite the very real possibility that he will spend at least some time in the hall and he will not remember it at all.) It’ll be worth it so I can tell him we saw a Star Wars movie together on the big screen! Alright, more coming soon when I get some new pics up on flickr!


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