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The cure for the “I have to go to work tomorrow” blues: Relive your vacation a.k.a. Michigan Trip Part 2

Michigan 08 (4)

Jaina succeeds in getting Luke to smile in the pool - quite a feat actually.

Picking up where we left off in the discussion of our trip, Brenda, Luke and I had spent a lot of time in the car so far, but we’d also travelled to a magical rainforest in a mall (D’oh, I should have gotten a picture from the outside too.) On the surface, we didn’t too many more of the typical “exciting” vacation things.  Jared addicted himself to Smash Bros. (he reached the “10 hours brawling” achievement on the second day we were there.)  It was definitely a sacrifice for me but, somehow, I managed to play with him for much of that time.  I think I took a picture of him on Cheryl’s camera, so when it gets online I’ll be sure to post a link.


Jaina stole my sunglasses. I was most displeased, so I snapped this glamour shot of her.

We played ourselves silly with the kids around the house.  Every once in a while Jordin woke up and we got the chance to cuddle her.  It’s a little crazy to think that Luke slept that much once too.  I pretended to understand Lizzy when she signed to me.  Every once in a while I picked out a few words (“Mom,” “Dad,” “swimming”) but largely it was reminiscent of my mission when I spent a few months not understanding a whole lot of what’s going on around me.  Jaina told me all about Ariel and how she has a new movie coming out soon.  At one point I “helped” (read between the lines: forced) Jaina to go across the monkey bars.  Now, before you judge me too harshly, I held her up the whole way.  I thought she just needed a little encouragement and she’d figure out it’s not so bad.  I was wrong.  She screamed and screamed and we actually ended up running inside to Mom for comfort before too long.  I was just trying to help her be brave.  She did make it across the monkey bars though.  Tabby was always interested in playing outside and show off her skills on the swings.


Basically, had a more laid-back vacation than an exciting one.  We do have some traditions that we make sure we always do in Michigan.  Every year I try to help out at the funeral home in some capacity or another – it’s kind of like helping out with the cows at Bert’s parents in Brigham City, as long as you only do it every so often, it’s actually quite enjoyable.  Jason is always kind enough to let me tag along.  This year I helped load some flowers into the truck to take to a church and helped park the cars in the correct manner to make sure the funeral procession could head out.  Compared to parking cars at Lagoon when I was a teenager, it was a piece of cake.  We also went to Mancino’s – a restaraunt in nearby Alma that serves mainly grinders (an Eastern United States name for sub sandwiches) and pizza.  I’ve never had their pizza, I like the grinders too much.  While in Alma, I saw a beautiful field of sun flowers and so we drove back to take a quick picture.  It didn’t turn out so great, but the batteries died right after I took the picture (I didn’t even get to see it) so I didn’t get a chance to improve it.  I include it here as a “what might have been” picture.  We also went to get ice cream at a place once known as Scooters in Ithaca, recently (well, recently to me but I hadn’t been there in a year) purchased and renamed Frosty Cone.  I was pleased that their single scoop cone is actually like five scoops big.  That was our last night in Michigan, the night we always walk to Frosty Scooters for ice-cream.  Thanks for the great fun Cheryl and Jason and kids!

Bardens and Bailey

Luke, Tabby, Jared (in his Bring on the Bad Guys Mario shirt), Jaina, Jordin, and Lizzy

And for those of you out there who have little to no sympathy for me becuase you don’t get two and a half months off every, that’s not a very nice attitude!  🙂


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  1. Gee, Luke is getting big and kid-like. I’m in infant mode now, where babies seem so small. Jade seems HUGE now.

    I like Jared’s shirt. Looks like someone is a future ThinkGeek shopper.

    Also, on one hand I have no sympathy for your return from vacation, but on the other hand that’s the very reason I hate taking any vacation at all. I go back to work a week from today, and I don’t look forward to it.

    Comment by Jeremy | August 18, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank you for your near-sympathy. Yeah, we were in Michigan and I held Jordin I realized just how small Luke once was. I also realized that I’ve forgotten all my baby mads kills like holding on to their wobbly heads and stuff. I guess I’ll be remembering soon.

    Comment by brondabailey | August 18, 2008 | Reply

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