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“On Vulcan, we have a proverb: ‘Only Nixon could go to China.'”

A week or two ago, we helped some friends who lived in a nearby basement apartment move into their recently purchased house.  While definitely a fixer-up, they got a steal on it and we’re happy to have them around.  The house only recently come up on the market as the previous owner had recently passed away.  Brenda and I made his acquaintance once at a swap meet, only to discover through conversation that he lived just up the street from us.  He had a booth at the swamp meet, and though I don’t remember any specifics of what he had in his booth, but it seems to me that it was normal swap meet fair (read: JUNK.)

Anyway, as my friend was giving me the grand tour, we made our way into their basement – which was in a fair state of disrepair.  A window had been boarded up instead of the glass replaced (and it had been nailed in with at least thirty nails and I am NOT exaggerating at all, that window might have survived a tornado if the rest of the house came down around it.  Some of them were really large, pain-in-the-butt-to-get-out-of-the-walls nails.)  Carpet was laying unsecured on the floor.  A vintage (which is moving speak for old and stinkin’ heavy) washer and dryer were down there.  Haphazardly placed wood paneling dividing the area into rooms is unstable to even the least experienced person at home repairs in the world (me.)

At last, he shows me the bedroom right at the bottom of the stairs and inside, scribbled in what looks to me to be crayon was a message.  I had to read it a couple time out loud to make myself understand it.

President Nixon!

In case you can’t read it says, “The only dope worth shooting is President Nixon!”  Let me be the first to propose that I do not condone shooting Presidents of the United States, especially one who has already passed away.  I know nothing of the history of this house except that at some point someone who lived there had some bad feelings towards Nixon.

What dark days the 70’s must have been when a young boy, with an orange and yellow crayons scribbled words on bricks, apparently his mother never found it and cleaned it.


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  1. Good old Nixon. And good old houses with “vintage” chattel. Some wiring, water piping, carpeting and 2x4ing jobs are wonderous to behold!!!! 🙂 Thanks for the help with our carpet so long ago.

    Comment by Jake | August 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Usually when posting comments on a blog and i want to remain annoyomous my username is either “jesusrocks” or “poopingpanties.” i decided that either of those names would be in poor taste on my brothers blog

    Comment by Mjrfrankburns | August 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. You’re welcome of course Jake. I have fond memories of working on your house.

    Good call on the comment name Major Burns. Thanks for commenting!

    Comment by brondabailey | August 25, 2008 | Reply

  4. You crack me up. I love reading your blog!

    Comment by Ve | August 25, 2008 | Reply

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