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Jedi in Training Pants (diapers actually)

I’m trying to keep updating the blog on at least a semi-recent basis.  I actually have a new-found respect for bloggers who do this kind of thing a bunch of times a day.  Sure, they might not go into quite as much detail as I do (sometimes), but keeping things snappy and finding fun things to show other people is always a challenge.

Today, was of course, the first day of school.  Things seemed to go well.  In an interesting sidenote (interesting to me anyway) I moved my third period inside.  There’s a very nice young lady who is in a wheelchair, which makes it difficult to access my portable.  You’d think that the 64th largest school district in the country (at least that’s what it was the last time I heard) would make all their classrooms ADA compliant.  You, of course, would be wrong.  I had the option to move inside full time, but I like my air conditioning in the portable too much, so I’m teaching inside the school for one period a day.  Luckily, the room is just inside the doors from my portable, so it’s close for when I forget things, like I did today.  In my class, I put the seating chart up on the screen with my document camera (it’s like an overhead projector with a digital camera instead of the complex lenses- it makes it so you can write on a normal piece of paper rather than a transparency, quite handy in a classroom) to make it easy (relatively) for students to find their seats in my classroom.  Unfortunately, my plan to do this same thing in my borrowed classroom didn’t function quite as well – the projector has recently been mounted in that room, but it still has a small screen, so the image of the seating chart was half on the screen, half on the wall.  By this point, a mother making sure everything was going alright with her seventh grader had wandered in and could see how well things were NOT going.  Since I couldn’t find the projector remote in the class, I had to pull up a chair to turn it off.  The mom seemed like a very nice woman and hopefully, she didn’t judge me to harshly for looking like a moron climbing on the chair to turn off the projector by hand.  I felt even better when I later realized that I had left my stamps in my room and had to run and get them.  Yes, I think my class was very impressed third period.

Barring these slightly embarassing moments, things seemed to go well.  One thing I’ve always wanted to do is keep a better record of the humorous things that happen in school.  I don’t plan on writing a book or anything, but I’ve always wanted to have them collected in one place for days when I need a chuckle (because I’m pulling my hair out.)

Anyway, here’s recent picture of Luke.  He is of course, adorable.  NOTE TO FAMILY MEMBERS: If we want to get that picture of Luke and Sydney we’ve always talked about with them in their Star Wars outfits, soon would be good, since this one won’t fit him much longer.  THAT IS ALL!  I miss spending all day, every day, with him and the Wii (and the X-Box 360.)

Padawan Luke

There’s a few more in the Summer 2008 set if you’re interested.  Thanks for noticing me.


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  1. He’s living up to his name! I’m glad school is going well for you Ron.

    Comment by Amber Goddard | August 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. So cute. Our neighbor had one with Darth Vader’s head that said “Who’s Your Daddy?” – I think you had that poster in your classroom or something. Luke looks so sweet and happy – the force is strong with this one.

    Comment by Jake | August 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. Ron, dont worry about anything stupid you do. I cant even remeber my teacher in 7th grade, let alone the fact that he once might have had to stand on a chair it turn something off. (which actually happened to me in the college setting, so no worrie) i do however remember Kenny bluebaugh once got really mad cause a teacher called him on the carpet for faking a book report, and he threw a chair against the wall and then knocked the computer monitor off the teachers desk. Kenny went to ISS and was back in english the next day. Isnt america great!

    Comment by Mjrfrankburns | August 28, 2008 | Reply

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