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Peach Days Parade 2008 – “A thing of beauty or something near unto it”

Steel yourselves, folks, this one is going to be fairly long! After a week of rest, thoughtful pondering, meditation, and Ding Dongs, I’ve finally compiled my pictures from the fabulous festival known throughout the civilized world as Peach Days. For any poor saps out there not in the know, Peach Days is Brigham City’s annual celebration of all things . . . peachy. I suppose. There are really not too many things that involve peaches – it’s just around the same time as the peach harvest. I mean, there are the peaches in the main display downtown made of fruit and veggies, you can get peach cobbler, and there are peaches on t-shirts all over the place, but it seems to be more about craft fairs (I prefer the term crap fair as I’ve mentioned before), creepy carnies, rickety rides, and perky parades.

Speaking of parades, that’s the main topic of today’s post. I have attended the parade each year since I moved to Brigham City right after Thanksgiving during my seventh grade year in school (except for the two years I got a reprieve due to the fact that I was so far away I could not be slapped for suggesting we not attend.) I’d like to consider myself fairly knowledgeable, but I guess that pales in comparison to some people. We’re going to go through my pictures shot by shot to make sure you understand the majesty, nay, the grandeur of the proceedings. Before we begin I want to make it clear that despite the fact that I sound bitter and angry about Peach Days and I am lashing out irrationally against innocent people who were just having a good time, I actually had more fun at Peach Days this year than other years in recent memory. I just like making fun of people, and for better or worse, I think I’m pretty good at it. Sorry in advance “Uncle” Milty!

Peach Days 08 (2)Normally I’d focus on snarky comments about the parade – but I’m actually pretty darn impressed with this float. I’m not sure what the correlation is between pirates and Primary Childrens Medical Center (is that Michael Moore-esque commentary on our medical system?) Either way, I actually thought this was a really cool float.

Peach Days 08 (4)It seems like there are so many of these trailers every year. I’ve always been amazed at how many dance studios Brigham City can support. Unless of course you’re an angry parent, in which case your child is guaranteed a life of super-stardom in the future! Please don’t firebomb my house! That’s some high-quality decoration on the side of that trailer too.

Peach Days 08 (5)I suppose when 95.9 decided to enter a car in the parade they figured it would be cheap advertising. I’m sure they were right, it was cheap, but in my mind, it was also fairly ineffective. Convenient, isn’t it?

Nothing screams “we’re a quality business” liking strapping a pair of speakers to the top of your car.

Peach Days 08 (8)That, my friends, is Mr. Felt , the Technology TLC teacher of Box Elder Junior High School (now middle school, but they can never make me call it that!) fame. I had all sorts of crazy things to say about him, but none are now springing to mind. Or maybe I’m just in too good of a mood to say the things I was thinking of before. Let’s just say, I’m not an adoring fan.

Peach Days 08 (9)This isn’t the best photograph ever (there isn’t much oomph), but I just wanted to say that if I ever bought a motorcycle, the first thing I would do would be to join BACA. I know I probably don’t fit the profile, but bikers who go around making kids feel safe are just cool.

Intimidating the heck out of child abusers sounds fun too!

Peach Days 08 (10)Notice that seat in the back of that Cushman? Is it the make-out machine? Does the driver just lounge around a lot?

Peach Days 08 (11)Holy nerds Batman! I’m not sure if the child in the Ewok is just resting for a moment or is he/she is suffering from heat stroke. Hopefully that stormtrooper was attending to him.

Peach Days 08 (12)Is he waving at *me*?

Peach Days 08 (13)Now, I fully realize that me calling someone “overweight” is a good case of the pot calling the kettle black.  With that disclaimer out there, check out Darth Pudgy there. And the Imperial Officer who looks like the Emperor would be most displeased with his apparent lack of weight-loss.

Peach Days 08 (14)“This is not the parade you’re looking for.”

And don’t you worry, the marching nerds are not the end of the pictures!  There’s much more to come, including clowns, giant beavers, and more cheap advertising.  My original plan was to get all of the photos up, but this is long enough for one day.  Expect the first ghost when the bell tolls one, and expect the rest of the Peach Days parade . . . soon!


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  1. I am loving this. I’ve waited all week. Thanks.

    Love you all,


    Comment by Resqmom | September 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. Sorry it took so long! More to come! Plus, this week I’ll post the video my officers at school and I made for the assembly, a shot of Luke at Star Wars, and all kinds of other stuff – I have too much to keep track of!

    Comment by brondabailey | September 13, 2008 | Reply

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