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My classroom

I was thinking the other day (wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles) and I decided that I’d make a blog post about my classroom. Most of you reading this have never seen my classroom, despite the fact that I spend a fair portion of my life in between those walls, and I thought you might like to take a peek behind the curtain.

My Classroom

Since that's been there 3 years, I really should clean the old double-sided tape off the door frame one of these days.

Welcome to Portable 10 – my classroom. You might think that being in a portable is a pain. Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t complain if I were a little closer to the faculty restroom and if the PE students banged on the portable a little less, but it does have advantages as well. I’ve never once been reprimanded for my classroom being too loud (and that’s saying something.) There are kids running through the hall distracting my students by waving from the doorway. Being able to control my own climate (including air conditioning unlike the main building) isn’t a bad thing either.

My Classroom

"Does whatever a spider can"

The first thing you’d probably notice as you enter my room is the Spider-Man plush web-slinging across the ceiling above my desk, as it is directly in front of the door.  Besides looking really cool, this Spider-Man actually has a fair bit of sentimental value to me – but I’m saving that story for a post I’ve been ruminating on for quite some time about adoption.  Anyway, Brenda and I strung him up with fishing line to make him look super cool.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure how he would look not hanging, it’s not like he was made in a seated position.

My Classroom

Click on the picture to go to the Flickr page where all the toys are labeled with notes! How exciting!

Behind my desk (below and to the right of Spider-Man) is my “wall o’ toys.”  I’m going to be straight with you – I cannot think of a good academic theory (not a single one, although I haven’t thought about them since college, so . . .)  Excuse my interruption of myself – I can’t think of a single good reason to have all these toys in my room.  But guess what?  I don’t care.  They’re mostly there because I have no display room at home and because I think it communicates to my students a lot about me (i.e. Mr. Bailey thinks toys are cool.)  There’s quite a variety of things.  There are historical bobbleheads I got from Jeremy as a white elephant gift once, the Cheat Commandos that Brenda bought me for Christmas one year (and their paper playsets!) and plenty of little Star Wars trinkets.  Some I’ve purchased over the years (I’ve owned that plush Yoda way back since  high school) and some have been gifts from students along the way.  I really think this wall describes me well.

My ClassroomOn top of my CPU, I proudly display my husky in his officer jacket.  Yes, this is like the fairly goofy, old-school sweater I own as the student government advisor and proudly wear once or twice a year (that wool gets hot fast.)  I bought the husky, but Brenda made the sweater/jacket thing for him.

My ClassroomRight inside the door to the immediate right, I proudly display the flag of our country.  To the left of the flag is my fish “bubble.”  I saw these on the Internet on a list of cool decorations a few years back and just had to get one.  I overspent getting one on eBay right then, only to be dismayed when I saw one in a pet store a month or so later for a much cheaper price.  Oh well, I still really enjoy it.

My Classroom

This year, the officers named the fish Puff Daddy. I was thrilled.

My ClassroomOk, last one.  Here’s what my classroom looks like from the back of the room.  I normally arrange the desks in the fairly standard, tried and true method of placing the desks in rows as opposed to the trendy horseshoe or in groups facing each other (although for group activities like the one we had the day I took the picture, they do move into group formation.)  You can see the podium that my father-in-law helped me build (from scratch!) and my projector (mounted for the last couple of years, removing the ability for me to trip over a giant train of cords in front of everyone) which I use extensively for power point presentations, news clips, videos, and with the recent acquisition of my document camera, I now use instead of a traditional overhead projector.

I hoped you’ve enjoyed this “insider only” peek into the world of Mr. Bailey.  If nothing else, this should make you feel grateful that you’re no longer in the seventh grade.


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  1. I love the bobble heads. They are a Ron-ish thing to have. It makes me smile. And you have an awesome wife. I can’t say that I would make a sweater for Ryan’s stuffed animals. Love your classroom. It makes me want to visit.

    Comment by The Emporess | October 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. C’mon now Ron, do you expect us to believe that you’ve not used your projector with the Wii on one of those “Teacher Inservice Days”?!

    Comment by Jason | November 1, 2008 | Reply

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