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Action-y shots of Mento-y Explosions!

If you haven’t read the post below this one, do yourself a favor and do so before you look at these pictures.  Trust me, it will all make sense after you read the one below.  Ok, maybe not make sense, but it will definitely make more sense.  Ok, you’ll probably still wonder why I did this, but at least you’ll know how cool bright orange duct tape makes even the least moving cars look.

Mentos Powered Car (6)

Power, power, POWER!

Mentos Powered Car (9)

Brenda making some post-last minute adjustments. It wasn't long after this that I kicked the car for being so dang heavy. Cassie then called me a sore winner. 😦

Mentos Powered Car (16)

Luke, tuckered out from all the excitement started to get a little fussy at the end.

Mentos Powered Car (13)

Having given up on actually getting our vehicles to move, Adam resorted to lobbing bottles of Diet Coke with Mentos inside backwards over his head. I'm not sure what, if anything, he was trying to accomplish, but I got this cool picture of the aftermath.


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