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Dia de Acão Gracias (loosely translated from Portuguese: Day of Thankful ACTION!)

I had a very vivid reminder on Wednesday of how grateful I am of the many, many good things in my life.  Brenda and Jack were taking a quick nap and Luke was tottering around perfecting his graceful walk.  I was momentarily distracted from my fatherly duties by a call from my mother, informing me of the chance to be had next month to attend a Sound of Music play/sing-a-long/vomit fest.  Anyway, my dear, sweet mother called and I was distracted from my son for a moment.  After talking with her and Britt for a moment, I realized the bathroom door is open.  This is bad news in my house (Luke blogged about this, remember?)  I was so grateful when I walked in and realized that Luke hadn’t made it in to the toilet yet.

Luke and his friend John

So as the “Day of Thankful Action” is upon us, the time seems right to list the many things for which I am grateful!  The list has been posted in alphabetical order to spread out the humorous filler, making it more tolerable to be read by the average human being.  I promise there’s a pay-off at the end of the list if you’re willing to stick around!

  1. A comfortable floor to roll around on with my older son (and Jack-Jack too someday)
  2. A great job that I love
  3. Anti-biotics
  4. Awesome friends (who throw Diet Coke bottles in the air for me to take pictures of)
  5. Batteries (they make life so portable and convenient)
  6. Birth mothers who place their babies with adoptive parents
  7. Bren’s caring family that take care of us (and our kids) when we need help
  8. DVRs
  9. Epidurals (without them Sunday night would have been a lot less pleasant)
  10. Japan (Hello? Nintendo and Playstation both come from there, duh)
  11. Luigi
  12. Mario
  13. My calling (how many people get to crawl around in church attics pulling cable and get to call it church work?)
  14. My caring family that take care of us (and our kids) when we need help
  15. My digital camera that allows me to take as many stupid pictures as I want (and the ability to put them on the Internet for the whole world to see!)
  16. My neighborhood friends who make Clearfield such a nice place to live
  17. My Nintendo DS Lite
  18. My Playstation 2
  19. My Wii
  20. My X-Box 360
  21. Pacificiers
  22. Pac-Man
  23. Paper clips (What? Can you imagine life without paperclips? We’d have to staple everything!)
  24. People who serve our country and protect our freedoms (way to go Lindsie!)
  25. Shigeru Miyamoto
  26. Slobbery kisses
  27. Smoked turkey
  28. Star Wars
  29. That refrigerator box that withstood months of abuse in our basement that we had so much fun in (you are missed Fort Baiffett)
  30. The ability to name my children after cool fictional characters
  31. The creation of digital aliens for me to shoot to keep my real aggression in check
  32. The good news of the Gospel
  33. The knowledge that God loves me
  34. The noise a zombie makes when you shoot it in Left 4 Dead (my current game of choice)
  35. Way too many games to play on my various and sundry video game systems

There you have it, my top 35 things to be thankful for! Oh wait, I forgot my real top 3:

Bren, Luke, and Jack

Brenda, Jack and Luke

And here’s something you should be grateful for: You weren’t me faced with what to do when you realized that Luke actually HAD gotten to the toilet already and you had to deal with this:

Spider-Man is down!


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  1. I bet you could add something like hand sanitizer or anti-bacterial soap to your list after fishing poor Spidey out of there. Maybe you’re also grateful you noticed it before it became his watery tomb (and you had to remove the toilet and stick your whole arm somewhere worse)! Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!

    Comment by Brian | November 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. 36. People who comment on my blog. 🙂

    Comment by brondabailey | November 28, 2008 | Reply

  3. I’ll bet you there aren’t 100 people that take a picture of Spidey in the toitey. You should add a tag: Toliet Pictues.

    Comment by Resqmom | November 29, 2008 | Reply

  4. whoa, whoa, whoa…
    a wii, a ps2, AND an xbox 360?
    i am humbled and awed at your dedication
    to video gaming

    Comment by root | February 4, 2009 | Reply

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