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Being Totally Unprepared

Jack in repose

Jack in repose

As Ron mentioned, he decided to leave the full story of Jack’s delivery to me. So after a few days of contemplation (or just trying to settle into a normal schedule) here is the story.

I’m sure that most of you know that my official due date for Jack was December 12. However, a couple of weeks ago my doctor, concerned that the baby would be too big if we waited until 12/12, decided to schedule me to be induced on December 3. So, this last Saturday I started making a list of the things that I needed to get done before the baby came. Assuming I had another week and a half I wasn’t too stressed out yet. Part of that list included things like packing bags for the hospital, just the basics: hairbrush, shampoo, clothes, etc. I planned on going through the tote of clothes from Luke to pull out some of the newborn clothes and get them ready. And, of course the inevitable cleaning of the house and preparing to bring the baby home.


He has more hair than Luke!

Well, Saturday we had a great day. Ron helped do the typical house work (he always does the laundry and is so awesome!) and we got the house basically clean. There were still a few rooms to clean, but we figured they could wait. Sunday started out as the typical Sunday for us. Ron did some stake stuff while I got Luke and myself ready. Ron did take over on Luke when he got home so that I could finish getting ready. We got to church and everything just went like usual, except that Luke actually took a nap during sacrament meeting, usually he just gets fussy and refuses to sleep. After church we came home for a ritual Sunday afternoon nap. However, I wasn’t really tired so I decided to make cookies to take to the ladies that I visit teach. So, after making 6 dozen cookies, putting them all on plates and getting them plastic wrapped to deliver, we headed up the street. I decided that we would all go to the first place to deliver cookies, our good friends, the Moffetts. Fortunately for me, I am Melanie’s visiting teacher so I figured that would be a good place to start. So, we gathered a plate of cookies and headed to the Moffetts.

Luke was having a great time playing and we ended up starting a game called “Druthers”. It was going really well and we were having a good time and as we were nearing the end of the first round, the youngest Moffett, Maisy asked me to help her get a cup so that she could get a drink. I gladly got up to help her get a cup from the kitchen, but on the way back to the front room my water broke. There I was, standing in the entry way of the front room, trying to figure out what was going on and what to do when sweet little Maisy walked back in, looked at the floor and said “What spilled?” As we all laughed a little at Maisy’s question, Ron and I realized that we were not prepared at all to head to the hospital. So, like always, the Moffetts came to the rescue by keeping Luke so that Ron and I could run home, pack a bag and get ready to go.

Jack 006On the walk home Ron called both of our moms and got everything worked out for where Luke would go and how we were going to handle everything. We ran in the house, started throwing together bags, and trying to figure out what necessities had to be taken care of. My mom showed up quickly and took Luke so that we could head to the hospital. So as we headed out, Ron realized that we had one more necessity that we hadn’t taken care of, Taffy. The realization that we had a dog at home was almost a shock. So, again we called the Moffetts and the girls were happy to help. They came and got Taffy and took her home. Ron’s mom came down and got Luke so that he could have a sleepover at Grandma’s while we were at the hospital. Ron and I are really grateful for all of the help from everyone on a minutes notice.

After getting to the hospital, they got me admitted and started the wonderful labor and delivery process. I had a great nurse that really made me comfortable. Not too long after being admitted, I was having pretty good contractions about every three minutes so I asked for an epidural. (My thankful list would definitely have to include epidurals.) They got everything set and I was feeling great for a few minutes, then my blood pressure dropped and I felt like I was going to pass out. Ron did a great job of helping to cool me down while the nurse took care of getting my pressure back up. It was a bit tense for about a half an hour, but then I got feeling much better. Although, I think one of the best things during that, was that Ron had brought Annie for me to watch and it was playing in the background entertaining everyone. He really is the best!

After getting everything settled down, we just sat back and waited for things to happen. At about midnight my doctor came in to check on everything and said he would probably be back at 3:00. So we waited; however, it was barely past 1:00 when the nurse came in and decided to call him back because the baby was almost ready. So as the nurse and the technician got the room set, the doctor headed back to the hospital. He arrived, joked with Ron for a minute (something he always does) and then delivered the baby. Little Jack arrived at 2:12 am weighing 8 lbs 2 oz and measuring 19 ½ inches long. I thought I had a good delivery with Luke (and I did), but Jack was even easier. More blessings to be thankful for, my wonderful family!

The recently expanded family

The recently expanded family


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  1. I can’t believe your water broke! Sounds like everything went great! We are so excited Jack is here and we hope to see him next week some time. Love you guys!

    Comment by Amber | November 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. I am so happy that everything went well. Of all the places to have your water break, the middle of the Moffett’s house is probably the most awesme place. I love Fancy’s question – what spilled? My water broke with Charlie, but it was just when I got out of bed. Well, although I could see that scenario turning into a screaming panic-fest from a movie, I’m sure that you all stayed very calm. Congratulations, congratulations. We’re so happy for you.

    Comment by Liz | December 1, 2008 | Reply

  3. Congratulations! I love the name Jack – it’s in my top 5. He is beautiful and you all look so happy. Please keep loving epidurals – it’s great job security for us 🙂

    Comment by Allred's | December 1, 2008 | Reply

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