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I’m in need of assistance! (Don’t worry it won’t hurt)

I was never in pep band in high school – many of my friends were.  Sometimes I’d take a kazoo with me and try to pretend, but I was never part of the “in” crowd in band.  I know, I seem the right type to be a band geek, don’t I?

Well, that lack of pep band experience is catching up with me.  One of my current resposponsibilites as the advisor of the Student Body Officers at school (well, I guess technically, this is seperate but it’s happened because I go to all the games) is that I am in charge of the music at basketball games.  I play music before the game, during half time, and when one of the teams calls a time out. I have a blast (and today I accidentally blasted some ears!) but I’m feeling slightly defiecient in the music choice department.  My music choices are largely nerdy and based mostly on music from movies (the full nerdtastic list below!) and I’m looking to expand my horizons by putting some quality “pep” music on my CD.  So here’s my current list to play before the game starts:

1. Henry the VIII
2. Super Mario Bros.
3. Goofy Goober
4. Raiders March
5. I’m a Believer
6. Route 66
7. Girlfriend
8. Back to the Future

And this is my current list for time-outs:

1. He’s a Pirate
2. Star Wars Clone Wars
3. Dr. Mario Chill
4. James Bond
5. Best Years of our Lives
6. Disco Imperial March
7. Sh-Boom
8. William Tell Overture
9. Peter Gunn Theme
10. Jaws
11. Twist and Shout
12. Louie Louie
13. We will rock you

I know, there’s some pretty nerdy stuff on there. You should have seen the list before I cut it down.  Now, I’m happy with the choices I’ve got so far (it’s gone really well), but in two games I’ve already run through all my music at least once. I’m looking for more songs – so friends, family, any stranger who happens across my blog – here’s your homework. I need song ideas. Peppy songs. Exciting songs. Get you pumped up songs. Thanks in advance!


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