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Hi all!  I know haven’t posted any of zany comments of late.  I’ve tried to start blogging again 3 times, but I just don’t seem to find the time.  And now there’s Facebook . . . anyway, I’ve returned for a quick post.  Enjoy this YouTube video – filmed and made fun of by yours truly in the annotations.  Anyone who still reads this rocks!


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My aunt wears army boots!

Luke in highchair

Hi!  My name is Luke.  I am almost ten months old!  I will be getting a new brother or sister soon, and boy am I excited.  My hobbies include chewing on my dad’s expensive video game equipment, standing all by myself until I notice that I’m doing it solo, watching nerdy cartoons like Spectacular Spider-Man, Clone Wars, and the Justice League with my dad, and trying to sneak into the bathroom to splash in the toilet.  Bath time is my favorite time of the day.  On Monday night my family and I went to eat at a restaurant.  Generally, I’m pretty good in public, I try to not to embarrass my parents too much.  Give me a spoon, and I’m good to entertain myself for at least ten minutes or so.  Monday was fun because I got to eat little french fry pieces!  Yummy!  It was very nice to be together with my family.  I got to see my cousin Sydney, and she even said, “Hi Luke.”  I said nothing, though I did offer a few grunts and tried to smile cute for the pictures.

But, Monday was a little sad too.  I didn’t understand it exactly, but Aunt Lindsie is going away for a while.  She flew on a plane to somewhere far away where she can’t talk to us on the phone, but I made my dad promise to send her letters when we get her address.  Mommy and Daddy say we should be very proud of Aunt Lindsie and that she has joined the Army to help protect our country.  Dad said she’s going to be doing a lot of push-ups and getting way strong, which will help her be a good soldier (I don’t understand what push-ups have to do with being a good soldier, but apparently, they’re important.)  Eventually, she’s going to help people who get hurt defending our freedoms in a place like a hospital.  All I know is that I miss my aunt, but I’m going to try to be happy for her and thankful for people like her who serve our country.  We love you and miss you Aunt Lindsie, come home soon!

Private Chop and Luke

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